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Group Discounts: 3 or more members from the same lab/institute/university (or) anyone who wish to attend multiple Conferenceseries Ltd Conferences is eligible to get special benefits from Conferenceseries Ltd Please contact us.

Only Registration Includes:

  1. Access to All Sessions
  2. Handbook & Conference Kit
  3. Certificate Accreditation from the Organizing Committee
  4. Abstracts will be published in the conference souvenir and respective international journal
  5. Each registrant will get 75% abatement on manuscript publication fees
  6. Ask the Expert Forums (One to One Pre-Scheduled meeting on interest and availability)
  7. Access to the attendees email list (post conference)
  8. 10% abatement on the registration fees for the next annual conference
  9. 10% abatement on the Conference Series conferences membership
  10. 2 Coffee breaks (Refreshments and snacks) during the conference
  11. Lunch during the conference
  12. Wi-Fi
  13. Flash drive with Conference Souvenir and Final Program (e-copies)

For Student Delegates:

  1. Access to All Sessions
  2. Coffee break during the conference
  3. Conference Kit
  4. Lunch during the conference

For Student Visitor (Excluding Lunch):

  1. Access to All Sessions
  2. Coffee break during the conference
  3. Conference Kit

E-Posters for $99:

  1. The amount charged for E-Posters is to display the E-Posters only on website
  2. The abstract will be published in conference proceeding book
  3. The presenter is not required to be present in person at the conference

Package A:

      Features including registration, two nights accommodation (i.e. September 17th & 18th)  of deluxe single/double room at Dublin, Ireland.

Package B:

      One Night extra accommodation i.e. September 19th (total 3 Nights) for Package A benefits.